This is a simple repaint of Prowl into Smokescreen.  I made this before the official toy came out and I liked the black & white plastic bits over what Silverstreak had.  I had to remove the light bar and try to fill the gap and mount the roof back on - which wasn't in these photos yet.  At the time, I used Mighty Putty but I'll probably go back to him and use Aves FIXIT Sculpt, as that stuff is a ton better.

Airbrushed with some Testors acrylics - True Blue Pearl, Stop Sign Red and gold/gloss black/aluminum for the highlighting.  Waterslide decals for the numbers.


Using Testors acrylics again - True Blue Pearl, Stop Light Red and Flat white mixed with some Aluminum to tone the white back a bit.   Hoping it could have put some metallic flake-like stuff to it but it didn't really work.  But the very light gray is still better than the straight white.  Same thing with the panel lining -- he just needed it to break up the solid white and give it some detail/depth.   Also, put just a coat of gloss black on his head to shine it up and gave him a coat of aluminum on his face.

He's a pain to transform sometimes unless you have him lined up right .. and I haven't gone through to sand and repaint the areas that scrape up -- so you'll see some scratches all over the place.  The flaw of "playing" with your toys before they're really ready.


It started with one VF-1S Valkyrie figure.  I started one with a brush but I could not get good coverage no matter what I tried.   So I gave up and borrowed an airbrush from a coworker/friend.   Since the VF-1S comes with one booster and one gun for the jetpack, I figured it be cool to have a pair of each so I bought another one to start over with.

I used some Model Masters Gray Primer and Guards Red, did some masking and went to town.  Airbrushing this guy worked extremely well and it was very easy (first time ever using one).   You can see the original version of him here and see the stock paint apps.   I still need to clean up a little on some edges and overspray but it's pretty much done.  I accidentally mixed up the legs and painted them opposite than what I wanted. I wanted the stripe on the outside (which would be covered by the armor when he wears it) and the inside white.  I was planning on replicating the G1 markings but decided against it for now.


It's the most obvious of repaints and it had to be done... plus, with my Revoltech Jetfire repaint, the 'cons needed some reinforcements.

No mods, just a repaint. I did switch out the grey hip joints for black ones that came from my Ultra Magnus but that's it - plain and simple. =)
Used Model Masters Purple Pearl (as I wanted to keep the same metallic style paint app that Starscream had) and plain Gloss Black.  Instead of a silver, I used Gunmetal & dry brushed Steel.   You can't really see it but I put some 'con symbols from Reprolabels on the wings to finish it off.


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