About Me

Welcome and thank you for visiting.

I have always been a creative person, ever since I was young. From art to creative writing to computer programming to music - I dabbled in it all. That creativeness carried over into adulthood. I went to college and obtained an Associates Degree in Visual Communications/Graphic Design.

In addition to the print design tools/skills I learned in school, I self-taught myself in web programming. I have dabbled in sql, php, Flash and ActionScripting. On an aside, I've self-taught myself most of what I know. I consider myself a 'jack of all trades' - and expert at few but a novice at everything. I feel I can accomplish anything that needs to be done, whether it's something I know or need to learn how to do.

In my downtime (the little there may be), I enjoy some other creative pursuits - customizing Transformers & recording music. I admire the engineering and creativeness of Transformers figure as well as the fact I grew up with the original toys and cartoon. So it was natural to take my creativity and apply it here. I like making 'something from nothing' or improving on something that didn't quite hit the mark in my eyes. Some of what I've done is on this site.

Musically, I started playing guitar when I was a teen. Learning by reading tab books/magazines, and by ear, playing along with my favorite metal bands. After a few years, I bought and started to play drums. Learned by practicing along with songs and just practice, in general. I started a band shortly after and we've played a lot locally and put out an album in 2003. Not much time for this anymore, and the members have moved on to other bands, but I still dabble with home recording.

Well, that's about it. Now you know a little about me and where I come from. I hope it was vaguely interesting!