Revoltech Jetfire

It started with one VF-1S Valkyrie figure. I started one with a brush but I could not get good coverage no matter what I tried. So I gave up and borrowed an airbrush from a coworker/friend. Since the VF-1S comes with one booster and one gun for the jetpack, I figured it be cool to have a pair of each so I bought another one to start over with.

I used some Model Masters Gray Primer and Guards Red, did some masking and went to town. Airbrushing this guy worked extremely well and it was very easy (first time ever using one). You can see the original version of him here and see the stock paint apps. I still need to clean up a little on some edges and overspray but it's pretty much done. I accidentally mixed up the legs and painted them opposite than what I wanted. I wanted the stripe on the outside (which would be covered by the armor when he wears it) and the inside white. I was planning on replicating the G1 markings but decided against it for now.

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