Classics / Generations Clifjumper

This is a simple repaint of Classics Bumblebee into Cliffjumper. I didn't really like the Hasbro version, so I never picked it up. However, I had 2 Bumblebees - the original with the smaller-than-the-tf-symbol air scoop and the later remolded one. Since my desk has many other Classics repaints and more coming, Bumblebee's starting to look a little lonely so I took the original one and went to work.

I modded the head with the tutorial on TFW2005. I didn't like the cheeks from the tutorial, so I tried just bulking them up a little with mighty putty. It's not very smooth (and I kinda damaged his right side one) but I'm fairly happy with it.

It's just a repaint with a layer of grey primer and Guards Red Model Masters acrylic. I painted some Aluminum behind the front headlights instead of red. I didn't feel like adding stripes or flames or anything, as I don't think he needed any.

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