G1 Revenge of the Fallen Tracks

With the name of "TRAX" showing up in a call sheet for the movie and the centennial corvette being a confirmed car, we all assumed he was going to be "Tracks". Well, since we got Sideswipe instead, it was very obvious a blue repaint needed to happen.

* primed/based coated with Krylon Camo Black
* windows attempted to be cleared. Worked OK on windshield... rear window not so much. I might end up giving him a tinted window instead to cover that up.
* air brushed with acryl Blue Pearl
* touched up the logos and grill with Silver as well as under the headlights. coated those pink looking tail lights with Clear Red
* water slide decal of G1 flame (scanned from Binaltech sticker and traced by hand in Illustrator)
* paint/dry brush bot mode and head (white & red)
* added magnet under trunk area to mount G1 missile rack
* added some highlights on the wings and arms, some gold details on the springs and tint the back window.

I painted the wings flat white, dusted a little flat black for some dirt and details (this is the hood, you know. engine dust/junk - no way it could stay clean.) Added the yellow, green and red stripes to mimic the colors on the G1 sticker and stripe. Added the red on the arms to add a little more color to the bot mode. Felt he needed a little.

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