Reveal the Shield Jazz & Tracks

I love Reveal the Shield Jazz but his lacking of paint apps (especially compared to the United japanese version) is a real eyesore. So I had to touch him up. Just drybrushed gunmetal on the front grill and aluminum on the tailpipes, used Guards Red to give him taillights and mixed some blue to give him some windows.

As for Tracks, the main complaints I have for him is his arms - the joints are crazy loose on mine - and the jock barbwire tattoo looking flames. So to take care of the flames, I used some alcohol to remove the flames and tweaked my vector G1 flames I made in Illustrator for my Rotf Tracks custom to fit him better. I also wanted to keep the 'reveal the shield' idea, so I removed the autobot symbol from it. I'm still trying to get my water slide decal skills up to par, so I still seem to get a wrinkle or bubble here and there.

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