Alternators Bumblebee 12/15

Well, it's been over 4 or 5 years since I bought the pieces... I guess I better work on this thing finally.  Free time being so limited, I really don't get to work on anything I'd like to but I have a week off of work so figured might as well give it a go.  

I bought a 1/24 scale new VW Beetle model kit off eBay.  It happens to have some parts to make a tuner styled car, which I thought might be cool to liven Bee up a little.

I bought a couple extra Alternators for parts (Tracks, Jazz, and a left over Sideswipe).  I originally planned on trying to follow the original Binaltech sketches for Bee in regards to transformation.  But I think it will be easier to follow MP Bee's transformation instead. So I start with drawing out my cut lines:

Then, start hacking away:

I'll make the other cuts I need later, this is good to start with for measurements and what not while I'm building.  I figure I'm going to use Alt Track's legs since they fold up nicely.  So I've ripped apart his torso to get at those.  Since I've hacked him up, I might as well start repurposing other parts.  

In MP Bee, the upper torso rotates around a pin for it to swing down and back for transformation.  I shouldn't have to worry about any hood pieces here with the new Beetle to fold away, so I'll focus just on that rotating bit.  I noticed that Track's arms are on a tab/slot joint and it looks like it might do the trick:

I've already hacked a lot from the front of this but you see what I mean.  I was thinking about using most of this for Bee's torso but I really wanted a rotating waist.  Alt Jazz's waist seems perfect but I don't like his hip joints or leg transformation, so I had to dig out room in Jazz's waist to fit the ball joint from Track's waist.  Since I won't be using Track's bits and his torso are way to big to fit in Bee's car mode, I'll hack off that lower section:

Back on to the Jazz torso, I thought I might as well salvage as much of that as I can.  Just as a test fit, it looks like the legs actually work out pretty perfectly.

Now, to try and mash those together.  There's a center channel area in Track's torso where the muffler/pipes were glued in.  Seemed like a perfect place to cut a space to slide/mount it on to Jazz's torso.  Looks like that might work out nicely:

Quick test on how it might look...

Looking like it's falling into place so far.  Torso is still too long, so let's hack away at Jazz a little.  

Yup, looking pretty good.  Quick check with Bee's bits and Jazz's arm/head as just a stand in for now:

That's all for today.  Let's see what tomorrow brings...