Alt Bee 12/18

Well, we're getting there - about half way there.

 It's not a perfect fit but the filler should take care of that.  So making the other foot, same as the first.

Looking good!

Now, for the fun part.  2 years in the waiting... I finally get to use this stuff.

 Learned this from the mighty Wikkid from his TFW2005 tutorial.  Automotive adhesive/filler.  Slick stuff.  

Not 100% perfect but I'm sure it'll do.  The first batch didn't setup quickly, likely from the mix being off fresh out of the tube, but the second one was super fast.   I like this stuff. Looking forward to using it some more!

Lots of work still ahead ... gotta figure out how to mount the wheel and the leg, then moving on to the torso.