Classic Shockwave

I've said it before but any Radicon worth his or her salt has to have a number of projects in progress or on the table or in their head waiting to come out. I don't think any artist can stay locked into a single piece of artwork without becoming stagnant. So while I haven't touched my Devastator since early last year, I haven't worked on my Classic Jazz since shortly after and I have a number of Revoltech ideas kicking around ... I decided to play around with a Classic Shockwave.

I picked an Energon Shockblast on eBay for a good price but, as most, I thought he could be better without that massive gun arm and the claw. I looked around here and saw F_R use a Universe Dropshot for an arms transplant. I thought they were a good fit and TRU had a bunch on clearance for $10, so I figured what the heck.

I tried to use the stock shoulders but I realized, just as F_R, that I'd need another Shockblast to take the shoulder from. So, I found a Six Shot for $15 this week and off we go...

Looks good so far but he needs his gun. I thought that the gun inside Uni. Dropshot's missile launchers was a damn good fit.

I just need to probably shorten it up a little. My plan is to superglue a metal tab or something onto the flipside of Dropshot's hand and then stick a magnet in the end of that gun.

Since he needs something better for his tank mode, it looks like Dropshot's forearm might be able to fit into what is currently the battery compartment on Six Shot's gun.

I just have to shave some of the sides down to make clearance and then put some kind of mount to secure it on those pegs on Dropshot's arm.

Since he probably needs that shield, I think it can just pop into the screw hole on Dropshot's other arm.

I just have to remove the claw from Six Shot's shield and see how it works out.

I doubt he'll get painted anytime soon -- and might not be finished for a while too -- but I wanted to share anyways. =)